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Want to Work? How to Obtain A Work Permit

The Pennsylvania Child Labor Law requires children ages 14 through 17 to obtain working papers (also called a work permit) before they can start working.

STEP 1: Prepare the two documents that you need to get your work permit.

  • Document 1: First is the Application for Work Permit. You can download it and fill it out digitally, or print it out.

  • Kindly fill out everything except for “Signature of Issuing Officer” and the fields on the top right.

  • Have it signed by your parent or guardian, in the box at the bottom left. This part is really important, because we won’t accept unsigned applications.

  • Document 2: The second document is your Proof of Age. The following can be used as proof of age:

  • Birth certificate (copies are acceptable)

  • State ID or driver’s license

  • Passport

  • Baptismal certificate

  • Student ID card that has a date of birth on it

  • Medical insurance card that has a date of birth on it

STEP 2: Apply for a working permit (don’t forget to bring your 2 documents listed above)

  • In-person – Walk-ins only; no appointment necessary. You only need to bring yourself, your printed, completed application, and your proof of age document. It is optional for your parent or guardian to come with you. If you don’t have a printer, we have blank applications on site. Your parent or guardian will need to come with you so they can sign it. Locations:

  • West Philadelphia High School 4901 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19139 Tuesdays, 3pm – 5pm

  • South Philadelphia High School 2101 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19148 Wednesdays, 3pm – 5pm

  • Lincoln High School 3201 Ryan Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136 Thursdays, 3pm – 5pm

  • Education Center 440 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19130 Saturdays, 8:30am – 12:30pm The following Saturdays at the Education Center will be closed due to the holidays:

  • 3/23/2024 Spring Recess

  • 3/30/2024 Spring Recess

  • 5/25/2024 Memorial Day

  • 6/15/2024 Eid-al-Adha

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