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We are dedicated to providing access to all youth regardless of their ability to pay through scholarships!

We provide equitable scholarship opportunities designed to support young people and families from various backgrounds, ensuring that all eligible candidates have fair access. PYB is pleased to offer scholarships on a sliding scale for our fee-based programs. Scholarship levels will be based on household income. Any families who need further assistance in paying for a program will be supported. 


The approved scholarship level will be applied to the family household for the entire year and each fee-based program they enroll their youth in. A new scholarship application will need to be applied for each year.


Scholarships will be valid for programming beginning July 2024 to June 2025. Decisions regarding scholarship status will take between 24-48 hours.


1. Create a Profile 

Note: You must create a parent account and then add other household members (your children) prior to applying for a scholarship or registering for a program. This will allow you to register yourself and your family members for many of our programs, leagues, and events now and in the future.


2. Apply for a scholarship 

Note: Once your application is submitted, you will receive your scholarship award status in 24-48 hours after approval.


3. Register for programs

Register for programs at a discounted rate 

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