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The Proposition "We Got Next"

We believe that when you create opportunities for young people to develop their potential as students, athletes, and responsible engaged citizens, the individual and the community will thrive.
We know it's more than a game. Research shows that sports foster growth and development physically, academically, and socially.

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Beyond the Court It's more than a game

“Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision.” ~ Muhammad Ali

We want to help Philadelphia’s young people reach their full potential as students, as athletes, and as leaders.
The facility’s programming will include a carefully blended mix of athletic, academic, health, leadership, and character development activities. Tutoring, organizational skills, SAT/ACT prep, nutrition, sports medicine, community service, and civic engagement opportunities are examples of development programming we will offer.
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The Center The power of the place

We have begun building a professional organization and fundraising effort to construct a $25 million state-of-the-art, basketball-based youth development center in the heart of North Philadelphia. This 120,000 square foot facility will have;

8 indoor and 8 outdoor courts including a 2,000 seat indoor competition court;

An education wing with a library, classrooms, computer lab, and a community engagement center;

A health and wellness wing for strength and conditioning, and injury diagnosis, medical referral, and rehabilitation to be administered by the Rothman Institute of Jefferson University Hospital and Health System;
A healthy foods commissary with onsite food preparation and nutrition programs;
A Philadelphia Basketball Hall of Fame to commemorate the significant moments, teams, and individuals in the history of our City’s scholastic, collegiate, and professional basketball; and
An Executive Suite which is accessible to participating children, staff, and families.

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A transformational civic project of this magnitude is completed with a broad coalition of stakeholders and advocates. The breadth and diversity of supporters coming together to make this initiative a reality is impressive. Whether you are able to volunteer and lend your time or if you would rather make a finical gift, we are looking for people to lend a hand and Join our team!

We are united by three core values:

  1. A belief in creating opportunities for all children to reach their potential
  2. A belief in empowering lower-income families and communities
  3. A belief in the power of basketball and positive coaches in the lives of kids

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Board of Directors

John B. Langel
Douglas Young
Vice Chair
Robert Quint
William Ellerbee

Jessica Alexander
Lee Calhoon
Olin Chamberlain
Dr. Karen Chojnacki
Brad Denning
Erin Friday
Shawn Gee
David Gould
Daniel Greenberg
Dr. Keith Leaphart
John McDonald
Albert P. Parker
Brian Peterson

Brooke Queenan
John Salmons
Craig Scott
Gregory L. Seltzer
Partheev Shah
Nadya K. Shmavonian
Robin Thomas
Richard Voith
Lynn West
Kenneth B. Holdsman
President and CEO
Ballard Spahr LLP
The Lenfest Foundation

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