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Professional Development: Youth Music & Entrepreneurship Conference

FAMCON is a youth music and entrepreneurship conference serving Philadelphia youth interested in creative entrepreneurship. This conference is designed to inspire, educate, empower and spark young musicians and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide a platform for young creatives to explore the intersection of music, business, and innovation, fostering the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

  • Keynote Speeches: Sessions led by influential figures in music and entrepreneurship, sharing insights and inspiration.

  • Workshops: Interactive workshops on music production, digital marketing, brand building, financial literacy, and more.

  • Panel Discussions: Engaging discussions on topics such as the future of music, diversity in the industry, and the role of technology in entrepreneurship.

  • Networking Events: Structured networking sessions, allowing participants to connect with professionals and like-minded peers.

Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2024Time: 9:45am - 4pmLocation: The Hive | 30th S 15th St. Philadelphia, Pa 19102

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