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Job: Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

Quick Facts:

Pay: $51,370 per year | $24.70 per hour

Education: High School or Equivalent

Number of jobs available: 137,700


  1. Print the Help Pages, Consent Form, and your answers to the Essay Questions.

  2. Complete the Application Online and click “submit”. Print your completed application.

  3. You will need two (2) forms for Identification (i.e. Social Security Card, Drivers’ License, Passport, School 1.0., etc.). One must have a recent picture. Gather your Birth Certificate, answered Essay Questions, High School Transcripts, or GED with scores. Sign the Application and Consent Form. Purchase a $10.00 Money Order.

  4. Bring ALL your documents to the Training Center on the 2nd (SECOND) Monday of any Month to sign up for your aptitude test date.

Register using the link below and get your temporary password.

For additional information, contact:

Donald J. Smith Jr.

Training Coordinator

Option 5

PS: If you need additional support with the process from PYB please reach out to

OY Program Manager, Ashley Rosario

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