PYB strives to be a resource to help our community navigate near-and longer-term challenges from COVID-19 and ensure that critical resources remain available for those in our community who need it most. As Philadelphia schools remain virtual for the rest of the school year, PYB has a significant opportunity to provide a valuable experience to lower-income kids. Although they may have a Chrome book and an internet connection, young people might otherwise lack the additional ingredients that are needed to effectively engage in virtual learning, including adult supervision by a caring, well-trained young adult, positive peer interaction and community connection, healthy meals and snacks, physical activity, and, of course, FUN!

Our Learning Pods provide a positive and invigorating physical space to support student learning during their virtual instruction through the school day and then after-school programming for those students and families that might need extended care or who desire a more structured an afternoon of engaging activities. 

To sign a child up for Learning Pods, please contact Randy Butler, PYB Manager of Programming, at rbutler@phillyyouthbasketball.org. We have a limited number of seats available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

WHO: 5th-9th Grade Boys & Girls

WHERE: 23rd Street Armory, 22 S 23rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

WHEN: Tuesday, January 19th 2021 with an end date to be determined. Time for Learning Pods will be 8:00 am – 4:00 pm for in school hours and after-school hours, with an optionality to opt in/out for after-school hours​.

During the in-school hours, PYB’s learning pods will assist in guiding participants through their daily virtual school activities. PYB coach-mentors will provide oversight and support for each participant, ensuring that work gets completed and participants are actively engaged throughout the duration of the school day. Additionally, PYB will supplement the in-school hours with various enrichment activities to keep participants fully active throughout the day. Healthy meals and snacks will be provided daily.

During after-school hours, participants will engage in holistic, sport-based youth development, with basketball skill-building; PYB’s academic curriculum that uses our home grown “sport and society modules” to stimulate critical thinking, civic dialogue, writing, and verbal expression, leadership skill building, and mentorship. Healthy snacks will be provided daily.

Each day, the Learning Pods will help build a positive and affirming culture around student’s individual and collective social, emotional, and physical learning. Each day will provide:

How do I apply for my child?
Visit: http://phillyyouthbasketball.leagueapps.com/camps/1823617-pyb-fall-learning-pods to apply! Spots are extremely limited - Sign up now! There is no application deadlines. We are accepting participants on a rolling basis.
What should my child bring?

Each student must bring -

  • A learning device (chromebook, laptop, ipad, etc.) to access their online classes and device charger. Learning Pods will have high-speed internet access. 

  • Headphones

  • Daily class schedule

  • Attire: Active, comfortable clothing

What should my child wear?

Something comfortable! Be sure to have athletic clothing and shoes as kids will partake in physical activity (i.e basketball, yoga, bowling, walking around the city, etc.).

Will my child have to bring lunch?

No! PYB will provide a healthy lunch and daily snacks every day of the week.

Does my child have to partake in the after-school program?

PYB understands that our working families might need support in keeping youth busy after-school. Families can choose to opt-in or opt-out of the after-school component.

What about transportation?

The Armory is located right off 23rd and Market Street. Accessible by train and bus. While we are working on providing van transportation to be provided to school communities and/or areas of the city that enroll a large number of participants in the program, we encourage most families to provide their own means of transportation.