Nikki Bagby – PYB Board Member since 2021


Nikki Bagby was born in the Nicetown Community of Philadelphia, and currently lives in the Germantown area. At a young age, Nikki married her forever partner and raised six children, all while holding a full-time position at UnitedHealthcare. In her late twenties, Nikki attended the Community College of Philadelphia while also taking classes through several programs which included Temple University’s Pan-African Studies Community Education Program. 

At the moment, Nikki is self-employed and CEO of two companies: A Humbled Heart, Inc, and TIPS. A Humbled Heart Inc is a for-profit company that specializes in public health strategy. She works as a mediator between the health systems, hospitals, clinics, health care agencies, and those they serve. Her other company is The International People’s Storehouse (TIPS), a non-profit organization that functions as a provider for organizations to connect with various resources to ensure their organizations have the opportunity to thrive. Nikki’s passion to give back to the community led to her success in running a number of businesses. Nikki eventually wants to run for office and impact the places and people of the community she grew up in.

Connection with PYB:

A few years ago, along with PYB’s Social Impact Director Randy Butler, Nikki was one of the recipients of Baird Financial’s Women Award. They connected after the award ceremony and both loved what each other had to say. Nikki later received a call to discuss the work of PYB. After touring the Alan Horwitz ‘Sixth Man’ Center with PYB CEO & Co-founder Kenny Holdsman, she knew she had to get involved. Nikki joined PYB as a Board Member in 2021 and immediately jumped into action. She is very excited about the Center and has been recently inducted into the strategic planning committee. Nikki expressed that she is thankful, humbled, and honored, that PYB has found value in her being part of the team. When asked about being a part of the Board of Directors, Nikki said, “I believe I am fully vested, and as a newly appointed member I will do all that I can to support PYB.”

The ‘Sixth Man’ Center:

Nikki has a strong more personal connection with the Alan Horwitz ‘Sixth Man’ Center due to her roots in Nicetown. The community has an urgent and emergent health disparity with young people not having the access & opportunities needed to succeed in life. Nikki believes the Center will be a safe haven and place that will change the trajectory of thousands of lives here in Philadelphia.

She feels as though the Alan Horwitz ‘Sixth Man’ Center is going to be a lifeline to these young people and provide consistency, love, and tools to self-determine. Built of, by, and for the community, the community in Nicetown’s involvement in the Center will be essential in its effectiveness and generational impact PYB wishes to have.

The Sport of Basketball:

Nikki absolutely loves sports and has a sports-oriented family! Nikki played both softball and volleyball in high school. Nowadays, she can be found watching various sports from time to time. Nikki admires several athletes that play hard on the field but admires them even more when they are getting involved in, serving, and working outside of their arenas.

Words of Wisdom:

“I would tell my younger self: Believe in yourself, deal with your traumas, pace yourself. You are good enough! Pay more attention as a young parent and travel more. And finally, to be diligent because God has already worked out my plan, my life plan, and just to have more faith in myself.”

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