Anthony Gilbert


Anthony Gilbert has helped shape the sports culture landscape over the years through his vast knowledge of basketball, baseball, American football, and sneakers. He earned a degree in sports communication and mass media from Temple University, and he currently writes for SLAM Magazine.

He is one of the founders of SOLE Collector Magazine, and
he wrote the Michael Jordan career timeline for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Gilbert has been published in several periodicals around the world, and has appeared on US and international television shows, as well as he was the subject in a documentary, *Air Force 1: Anatomy of an Urban Legend.

Tustin Playground

5901 W Columbia Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19151
Tustin Playground is nestled in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. It has 4.3 acres and provides space and opportunity for a myriad of activities. There is a sprawling open field with a baseball diamond, two basketball courts, and swimming pool with a spray ground.
The basketball courts sit below the street level on the Columbia Avenue side, which when illuminated at night, gives the court a look and feel of an indoor arena.
Kobe Bryant used to spend hours here playing and working on his game. The proximity between his home and the playground is a short trek across City Line Avenue. This was his favorite proving ground in the city, so much so, that he filmed a Sprite commercial there after he was drafted into the NBA.
West Philadelphia has a number of parks and recreation centers, however not many have the look, and lore of Tustin. It sits directly across the street from Overbrook High School, which has produced 12-NBA players, and an entertainment mogul.
Tustin is a true gem, that has served the city and surrounding suburbs for decades. It continues to provide an outlet and recreation with a summer camp, and other initiatives to lead, uplift, and inspire the community.
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