Alvin Williams


Alvin Williams is an NBA veteran, family man, and business owner. The Villanova graduate founded The Academy of Hoops to provide student-athletes with the tools to enhance their basketball skills, knowledge, and understanding of the basketball business. His lifelong commitment to the game is what pushes him to help build the next generation of coaches, athletes, and support staff, making the world and his community a better place.

In addition to The Academy of Hoops, Alvin was also a co-founder of Philadelphia Youth Basketball.

Waterview Recreation Center

5826 McMahon Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Waterview Recreation Center is located in the East Germantown section of the the city. Basketball is a rite of passage. It is within the lines on this court where Alvin Williams crafted his game and took the necessary steps to become legendary.
“Waterview was the spot, where I started playing for teams, and stuff like that…it was a different environment, it was a different coach, Cal Lewis, and the guys around there…so that is where I developed holistically…that’s where the toughness came from, that’s where the mentality came from, that’s where the competitive drive, and just the skill…the raw skill came from there.”
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