Mike Morak

Mike Morak is one of the minds behind the biggest basketball Pro Am in Philadelphia. He serves as the director of events for The Daniel E. Rumph II Foundation. The family man has helped to present the Danny Rumph Classic to scores of fans for over a decade. The foundation’s mission is to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest, and to provide screening for hypertrophy cardiomyopathy in order to prevent sudden cardiac arrest amongst young people. The foundation also seeks to provide automated defibrillators at recreational facilities around the city, in an effort to increase survival rates for those who may experience sudden cardiac arrest.

Rumph Mallery Recreation Center

100 E Johnson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
The Rumph Mallery playground is the original site of the Danny Rumph Classic. Both the tournament and building are dedicated to the memory of Daniel E. Rumph II.
This is also the home of basketball legend and pioneer Yolanda Laney, who led the then Cheney State Wolves to 2 NCAA Final Four appearances, and one title game. She grew up in the neighborhood and worked countless hours crafting her game on the blacktop and within the gymnasium.
She has continued to serve the game and her community by volunteering her time to teach the game to the next generation of basketball players. The Danny Rumph Classic has grown over the past 15-years and it is now played at collegiate venues such as Arcadia and LaSalle Universities.
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