Dear Friends of PYB,

June 1, 2019, marks the beginning of the 5th year of operations for Philadelphia Youth Basketball, and we are proud to report that the start-up phase of building a robust and relevant organization has been achieved.

This foundational work, which has been exhilarating and challenging, has included:

– crafting a mission and an identity;
– establishing a mission-driven and fully engaged board of directors and staff team;
– constructing a sustainable business model;
– creating an impactful program and set of community partnerships with four years of purposeful innovation;
– assembling a range of necessary operating systems;
– building a strong and inclusive organizational culture and guiding set of values; and
– engaging a wide array of supporters and volunteers from the grass-roots to the tree-tops.

We have been able to achieve this formative work through the tireless dedication, selfless commitment, and fierce optimism of so many individuals. For PYB, the focus of our efforts has always been the empowerment of young people, families, and communities, especially those without abundant wealth and opportunities. This vision and our desire to execute it with discipline have enabled us to reach phase two and our 5th year of operations.

As thousands of young people in our city and region are finishing the school year, PYB will once again be providing an enriching and holistic summer camp experience for hundreds of deserving kids on many of our city’s college campuses. Please consider making a contribution to enable one or several children to have access to this wonderful opportunity for learning and development.

Your enduring support means the world to us!

With immense gratitude,

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