I want to take this time to write about why I went to PYB Basketball Camp.  Last year at camp I learned that it was a very nice camp that really made me better in basketball on and off of the court. I have gotten way better in drills and in games because the coaches taught us everything we needed to learn to become a good player, such as shooting, dribbling, passing and defense. The basketball was always fun.

Also, PYB taught me important things about basketball in the classroom, like how to work together with my teammates. I learned how to have good sportsmanship with the other teams and my teammates. Coach Antonio, who is one of my favorite coaches, told us if we lost to still shake the other players’ hands and if we won to not brag and be mean to the other team. Most importantly, PYB taught me to be very respectful. Coaches always said if you are a good basketball player but you have a bad attitude no one will want to want to be your teammate, so you have to have a good attitude at all times.

One thing I don’t like is ever being taken out of the game! PYB taught me to never get mad at my coaches even if they took me out of the game when I wanted to play more. Even if you are very good, not everybody can play every minute and when the coach takes you out you have to be respectful because you can have a “scout” watching you at all times and nobody wants a disrespectful player.

PYB is also a great camp because we went to a different college campus each week. Plus I had cool and nice head coaches each week that taught me how to play organized ball. PYB helped me be better on and off the court, I really enjoyed my summer. Soon I’ll be in high school but I will continue to go to PYB camp. I’m glad they have camp each summer!


Written by: Kristopher Pray, 8th grader at West Oak Lane Charter School, 2-year PYB student athlete. Kristopher attending all middle-school camp weeks offered in both 2017 and 2018!


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