Philadelphia Youth Basketball is proud to announce the launch of “PYB Voice”, our new platform through which the PYB community, especially our young student-athletes, will share first-person stories about compelling personal issues that connect to sports and society.

Inspired by The Players’ Tribune, it is our goal to create a dynamic platform with multi-media content that provides an outlet for the many voices of the PYB community. We all have a story to share and PYB wants to be a leader in the movement and uplift youth voice!

As an organization, PYB prides itself on giving our student-athletes voice, value, and visibilityWhile some of the young people we serve may be all-stars on the court, in order to prioritize the importance of learning, the intellectual pursuit, and positive leadership, we have developed a platform for young people to be all-star writers and thinkers. Furthermore, we want to give our student-athletes the space and ability to create original content that addresses real-world experiences and societal issues that affect their lives.

Approximately 80% of the content will be generated by PYB student-athletes, and the other 20% will come from a combination of PYB staff/board members and other PYB supporters/Philly athletes. Should you have an interest in publishing or learning more about PYB Voice, please contact its creators, publishers, and editors Jule Brown ( and Greg Holdsman (, two of PYB’s corporate interns who are home-grown products of the Philadelphia basketball community.

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