As PYB celebrates it’s 3rd Birthday, the team decided to take a look back at a few individuals who have grown with PYB since it’s inception. First, we will highlight 3 year PYB Student-Athlete Jordyn Reynolds, a student at Overlook Elementary School. Jordyn is 12 years old and has been a frequent flyer at PYB’s Collegiate Summer Camp Series for the last 3 years. She has also participated in HoopHers, our girls empowerment program. While she notes that her court awareness and three-point shot have drastically improved under PYB’s coaching, she equally enjoys the academic components of PYB; the interactive board game “NBA Math Hoops” is her favorite.

Jordyn believes that with hard work, guidance from her coaches and teachers, and focus on academic requirements, she will one day fulfill her dreams of being a collegiate student-athlete. Jordyn describes her coaches and mentors at PYB as “cool, funny, encouraging, and talented.” Jordyn will be attending PYB’s summer camps this year and for years to come. She wants to stay involved with PYB because she feels ” PYB treats everybody like family.”  We are so proud of everything Jordyn has accomplished and are excited for her to continue to grow as the organization does.

Click HERE to help Philadelphia Youth Basketball send more young people like Jordyn to camp! All donations will support PYB’s 2018 Collegiate Summer Camp Series.

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