Year 3 of the Middle School Partnership Program (MSPP) concluded last month. We were delighted with the level of participation at each school site, the energy in the school’s gymnasiums and classrooms, the engagement during the off-court, educational modules, the team building activities, and the excitement during gameplay on Saturdays mornings at Central High School. Seeing the relationships develop between students and their 

coaches/academic mentors, observing the pride of a young person when he/she is recognized as the “Student-Athlete of the Week,” and witnessing the sidelines filled with families and friends on Saturday game day is clear evidence that we are well on our way in making positive differences in the lives of our student-athletes. The year was made up with a good mix of previous partners (Cooke, Kenderton, Steele and Gideon), and a welcoming of new partners (Pennypacker, Martha Washington and Hamilton).

Although our 20-weeks have come to an end, a selected group of “PYB All Stars” will get a chance to take the court at the historic Palestra during our April Madness event. These students-athletes have been exemplary students both on the court, and especially in the classroom.

We are sincerely grateful for the support over the past months. Without our community’s generous participation, our program and its level of engagement would not be possible.

Congrats to Cooke for winning the championship game during our final Saturday session during our “PYB Madness”. It is PYB’s mission to create high-impact opportunities for our young people to grow as students, athletes and positive leaders. Thank you to everyone involved! #IAMPYB #WeArePYB

-Eric Worley, Program Director

What was your favorite part of PYB this year?

“My favorite part of PYB was meeting new friends and showing positive energy, showing a good attitude and effort. I liked learning those things because I was being more nice to my friends by helping them out and beingmyself.” -Mahiyah Townsend, Pennypacker

“My favorite part of PYB was the team chemistry. I liked the team chemistry because I was able to do new activities with new people and learn about my friends.” – Kalid Miles, Hamilton

“My favorite part about PYB was that I got to learn new skills and meet kids from different schools every Saturday.” – Zaheem Cade, Pennypacker

“My favorite part about PYB was when we got to compete in the classroom and get to play games on the court!” -Sam Jones-Johnson, Martha Washington

PYB 2018 All-Stars


Shawron Boyd

Tayshawn Jenkins

Jameir Howell

Martha Washington

Daimeer Brown

Matthias Dixon

Malik Spurgeon

Sam-Jones Johnson


Asia Baker

Erionah Watson

Anthony Chatman

Elias Ramos


Tyrees Perry

Troi Eboi

Jerimiah Haggiazz

Zaire Jackson


Hasson Myrrell

Nasir Wells

Unais Moore

Shymir Gary


Mustapha Ferron

Khalid Miles

Sam Faust

Nadeer Stewart

Richard Williams

Jaylen Mason

Nasir Smith

Jose Ortiz

Lavaughn Robinson
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