Monday, March 19th
9:15 — Arrive at PYB office located in Center City

9:30 — Catch up with everyone in the office and see how their weekends turned out.

9:45 Staff Meeting — Begin to game plan what the workweek will look like with all of the staff. We talk about where we are in our respective projects before breaking off into work.

10:30 Research — I start looking for corporations and companies that align with our messages and core values. Figure out company’s giving levels and strategize the best way to apply for grants.

11:15 Coffee Break — I need my coffee at this point, I am still not a morning person so need all the help I can get.

12:00 Lunchtime — Eat and work. I usually bring something from home, and I did this time. I am a natural chef, so if anyone is looking to hire lol. I try not to be out of the office too long if I end up needing to pick up a bite to eat.

1:00 Debrief with Diana — Talk with Diana about where I am at currently with my prospect research, it allows us to get on the same page and really have the best strategy when speaking with these individuals.

1:30 Brainstorm with Conner — We try to pitch off different ideas to each other to see what could work better or something that we’ve seen another company do and apply it to PYB. But it isnt all work, and no play. We talk about March Madness and all of the crazy upsets that happened over the weekend. My bracket is in shambles.

1:45 Check the News — I like to stay informed with what is going on in the world. So I usually check some of the national papers form the US and the Taiwanese national paper. I am a Taiwanese international student so I like to see what is still happening in my home country and what is going on in the lives of my parents and friends.

2:15 Review — Look at what I was able to get finished for the day, what I want


to get done for tomorrow, and set up a work plan for tomorrow. I usually can stay later on Tuesdays because I don’t have my night class.

3:00 Class Readings — I try to dedicate some time to doing any of my class readings taht I may have left or review for them. Tonight is my Sport Law class so knowing all the legal terms and cases can be challenging, but the extra time definitely helps.

3:35 Head Out for the Day — I have to normally leave around this ti

me to head home and get things for my class at 5. Mondays are the longest days with work and class. *sighs*

4:45 Go to Sports Law Class — Class is the last item on my agenda before heading home for the remainder of the night.


Thank you for following a day in my PYB life. I hope you enjoyed learning about my experience as a Fund Development Intern!

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