Philadelphia Youth Basketball’s HoopHers League is truly “a league of their own” or as we like to say, “a league of her own!”  The idea of forming a HoopHers League was first developed when members of the PYB and Philly Triple Threat identified a serious lack of gender specific basketball-based youth development opportunities for middle school aged girls in Philadelphia. While AAU and travel ball is an outlet for young girls in the spring and summer months, during the school year girls are underserved in all areas of youth engagement, whether that be school teams, recreational leagues, or less formal neighborhood games.

It took PYB and PTT a week to decide that this was a undertaking we were passionate about and would begin as soon as possible. Less then a month after the initial planning meeting the HoopHers League starting with two evaluation days, which would determine four teams equally matched teams for the fifty girls who registered for the league.

On February 1st, the HoopHers League officially started at the Germantown Friends School, with an evening filled with competitive gameplay, as well as a guest speaking series unique to the HoopHers League called. “A Woman’s Word.” This 100% female guest speaking series is a integral part of the HoopHers league were women from a variety of backgrounds and industries share a lesson, message, inspiration story, career advice, etc. with the HoopHers girls. Thus far, we have had women ranging from a WNBA and oversees players who now works as a consultant in Philadelphia, a teacher and guidance counselor, a health and fitness instructor, an award winning signer battling cystic fibrosis, and a hair specialist, all of whom are passionate about giving back and sharing their stories to empower women and girls. 

Another important aspect of the HoopHers is the HoopHers Forum, where the girls are asked to shared their comments about the “A Women’s Word” speakers each week. Every girl is expected to comment and each week different girls is recognized for their thoughtful comments. To read about the different “A Women’s Word” speakers and see the HoopHers comments, visit PYB’s blog posting titled – HoopHers Forum.

Philadelphia Youth Basketball and Philly Triple Threat are very proud support young women throughout the Philadelphia region through the HoopHers League. We believe that programs focused on female empowerment and youth development are critically important for not only female student-athletes but all young people growing up in society today. We will continue to serve young people through out various youth development programs and hold our staff, coaches, mentors, and players to a high standard of excellence.

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