Over the last two years, PYB has built a holistic organization to serve Philadelphia’s young people with a diverse array of programs. As PYB grows one fundamental belief undergirds every achievement, that regardless of difference in economic circumstance, race and ethnicity, religion, gender, neighborhood, sexuality, or physical and intellectual abilities, every individual has value. Without this belief, PYB wouldn’t be the organization is it today. It is how everyone who becomes involved in the organization leads and lives. This belief is also the core of PYB’s leadership philosophy, which directly influences its framework for developing the necessary attitudes, knowledge, skills and habits to lead on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.

As PYB is gearing up for our third year of programming and prepares to launch its new leadership opportunities throughout the organization; here is a bit of what’s in store for this year:

– PYB is developing new leadership activities for all all coaches within our Middle School Partnership Program to receive leadership training prior to the commencement of each program. Coaches will also be supported throughout the year with weekly team meetings, coaches’ workshops, online leadership development resources, and opportunities to participate in our year-long leadership initiatives.

– PYB will integrate new leadership activities into its two core programs, the Middle School Partnership Program and Collegiate Summer Camp Series. These programs will now include 1-hour of direct off-court leadership development activities each week for all participants.

– PYB will expand its HoopHers (Girls Empowerment Program) to include a series of workshops to help young women learn about and be supported through specific female athlete issues. These workshops will be led by all female coaches and will include both on and off court activities to help support our young women.

– PYB will create a Leadership Cohort to work with a select group of kids each year. This group will receive 30-minutes of individual mentoring during off program hours, an online leadership development course; will work together to create local community service projects and events; and will learn various fund development skills. Finally, this group will have the opportunity to earn participation in the Treasure Beach Basketball Camp in Jamaica in August 2018.

– This year PYB will also be reaching out to board members to join a Middle School Partnership Program, HoopHers Initiative, or Leadership Cohort session as guest speakers, chaperones, or mentors to share with our young people their experiences in sports, career and business, and life. We hope that creating these interactions with our board and our young people will help bring together all of the diverse members of our community.

We look forward to seeing you this upcoming year on the court, in the classroom, and in the community!


Written by Ben Goodstein of BGood Worldwide, a Philadelphia startup dedicated to providing leadership development, local community service, and international group travel opportunities for the next generation of community and global leaders.

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