Philadelphia Youth Basketball at its core is a basketball based youth development organization. However, we also believe that we have a unique ability to add value to the work force and community development goals of neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. As a startup about to enter its 27th month, we also rely heavily on the passion, talent and dedication of emerging leaders across a range of demographic and skill set categories.

Like last summer, we are in the midst of a camp based and corporate based internship program with 16 mission driven college students and a few recent graduates.

On the camp side, these interns serve primarily as junior coaches and academic mentors. Many of these interns are current college student-athletes who grew up in the very same neighborhoods as the young people who are participating in our Collegiate Summer Camp Series. Their ability to instill skills and a love of the game is accentuated by their desire to help young people learn critical life lessons such as, sportsmanship, resiliency, and positive relationships with peers and adults. These coaches are mentors extraordinaire!

On the corporate side of the operation, we have interns who are leading a variety of projects such as, social media, video production, the business management of our summer camps, the establishment of our annual operating budget, the development of partnerships with the faith community and the public sector, and the creation of our annual report. Unlike many summer internships for college students, PYB provides opportunities for stretch assignments with gentle guidance and oversight to enable this cadre of young leaders to surface their best work while learning about the nuances of non-profit management.

Every other week, our corporate and camp interns come together for a seminar/ “teach in” which is initiative and lead by one or more of the interns. This summer the topics have ranged from white privilege, gentrification, and diversity throughout every aspect of PYB’s missions and organization. The conversations have been interactive, provocative, and necessary to the development of these individuals and our organization as a whole.

Lastly, we provide modest financial compensation to these interns for their effort and output. We do so because we place significant responsibility and expectations on the shoulders of this mighty group of young activists and leaders.

Should you have any questions, comments, or interests in PYB’s Summer Internship Program, or activities throughout the year please do not hesitate to contact me or any of my staff and board colleagues including our cadre of interns who know the ins and outs of the experience than anyone else.

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