The mission of Philadelphia Youth Basketball is to create opportunities for young people, especially those from families and communities without X's and O's Picabundant resources, to reach their potential as strong students, competitive athletes, and positive leaders and citizens.  Our organizing strategy for executing our mission is to mobilize a vast array of diverse people and organizations throughout our city and region who believe in the power of basketball, positive coaching and mentorship, academic and leadership development supports, and health and wellness interventions.  Of course, these people must also share a deep care for the well-being of children and youth, particularly those with substantial need.

I continue to be struck by the breadth and depth of the community of people who share these beliefs and values.  Just this past weekend, a group of PYB staff, board members, and volunteers competed in a charity basketball tournament to raise money for St. Christopher’s “Reach out and Read” program.  Over 100 adults came together to share the love of the game and the commitment to the greater cause of helping children and families with early literacy exposure.  On December 26th, Mr. Delgreco Wilson will be convening a luncheon to honor many of the legends of Philadelphia’s African American basketball community.  Several of the honorees slated for this luncheon have been playing and coaching for literally seven and eight decades.  Three weeks ago, a group of business leaders hosted a Friendraiser for PYB at the Philadelphia Country Club.  In attendance were several passionate people, including current Saint Joseph’s men’s and women’s head basketball coaches, Phil Martelli and Cindy Griffin, former Saint Joseph’s coach, John Griffin, former Roman Catholic boys’ coach, Chris McNesby, and other longstanding leaders in the areas of basketball and business communities.

PYB, at its essence, represents the building of a world-class program, organization, and youth basketball and education center, with stakeholders from all walks of life.  We are confident that there exists ample passion, potency, and power within the Philadelphia city and region to achieve our ambitious objectives.  Please let us know if you or others in your network of family, friends, and colleagues would like to help with any of light or heavy lifting.

By Kenny Holdsman, President & CEO

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