We are thrilled to embark on a partnership with Learn Fresh Education Co. to provide our student-athletes the NBA Math Hoops game this summer. As a new addition to Kyle with KidsPhiladelphia Youth Basketball’s Collegiate Summer Camp Series off-court, academic curriculum, it will provide an exciting, game-based learning experience to complement the athletic aspect of the program. Students in the PYB summer program will also be some of the first in the area to play the Math Hoops board game and experience the curriculum. NBA Math Hoops features a simulated basketball board game that harnesses the elements of math inherent to basketball to help students build fundamental math skills and confidence in the classroom. The game is played with two teams of two, and players work with real statistics of NBA and WNBA players to perform calculations, make quick decisions, and develop strategies to outperform an opposing team. Research has shown that students who play the NBA Math Hoops game over time perform drastically better on evaluations of basic math skills, and feel more excited about math and learning in general. Those participating in the camp will be sure to find the game engaging, challenging, and fun, both as basketball players and as students. The program will be particularly beneficial during the summer months, when students are prone to “summer learning loss” or the “summer slide.” IncorporatingMath Hoops into the summer program will help counteract the effects of a long vacation, setting students up for success heading into the new school year. We know that this program will serve as a stepping stone towards creating a deeply impactful and sustainable program of NBA Math Hoops chapters across the city, with the ultimate goal of improving the opportunities for quality math programming for underserved students and students of color across Philadelphia.

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