Today we are launching our Group Enrollment Initiative for our Collegiate Summer Camp Series!  PYB Student-Athletes Basketball 2

The value of teamwork is paramount both in basketball and in life, and we are eager to help play a part in fostering cohesive team and group environments in which young people can thrive.  The development of the academic, basketball, and leadership skills that PYB camps offer can come together to create positive and fulfilling group cultures that can be extended to the surrounding young communities of each individual.

Enroll with a group of 5 or more campers and receive discounted customized price packages in return.

We are accepting groups that are formal organizations (schools, teams, churches, youth and human service agencies), as well as self-organizing groups of families.

For all inquiries, please email Eric Worley, PYB Program Director, at, or call (215) 864-8274.

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