Ronald Fuller Headshot

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Ronald attended Roman Catholic High School. Ron continued his education at Delaware State as a scholarship track and field athlete and graduated from Alvernia University. Upon graduation, Ron worked for two years within Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS), a supportive service for children/adolescents who have been diagnosed with serious social, behavioral and/or emotionally issues. Additionally, Ron worked for Community Educational Partners (CEP), an alternative school for juvenile delinquents.

Ron currently serves as a supervisor at the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center (PJJSC), a secure youth detention facility in Philadelphia. The center consists of court-ordered juveniles between the ages of 13-20. During Ron’s 12 years at PJJSC, Ron most values the connections he forms with the young people within the center. Through the development of open and trusting relationships with the children at PJJSC, Ron finds great reward when he then observes them redirect the projection of their lives.

Due to Ron’s dedication to youth development and community improvement, when Ron heard about PYB, he wanted to become involved. “I want to help impact the lives of Philadelphia’s young people and deter them from getting into trouble,” Ron said. Within PYB’s Middle School Partnership Program, Ron serves as one of the coaches at James G. Blaine School on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at Carver High School of Engineering and Science on Saturdays. Well beyond coaching basketball, Ron provides his student-athletes with valuable lessons about decision-making, stories about his own experiences, and health and wellness education.

Ron looks forward to PYB’s Collegiate Summer Camp Series that will be provided to middle school and high school aged young people this summer. Because of the camps’ engagement of student-athletes from various neighborhoods and socio-economic circumstances backgrounds, Ron believes that it will be a truly exposing and enriching camp experience.

Fun Facts about Ron: Ron is the epitome of a “community guy.” When he is not offering guidance to young people, Ron competes in local basketball, football, and softball athletic leagues. He and his wife, Melissa, have three children: Morgan (11) is a track star, Bryce (8) loves playing baseball, and Skylar is 18 months old.

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