PYB presents a monthly feature on our dedicated board members.  This month we meet Lynn West, Director of Patient Access at the Rothman Institute.

This month, PYB had to the opportunity to sit down with PYB board member Lynn West to learn more about her story, her deep love for basketball, and what motivates her about PYB.

Lynn West HeadshotLynn is currently in her 15th year as the Director of Patient Access at the Rothman Institute, the largest orthopaedic practice in the Philadelphia and South Jersey regions. In her role, Lynn is responsible for the comprehensive operation of Access Services, specifically its development and implementation, and ensures an emphasis on customer service and a positive patient experience. Previously the office manager within the Neurosurgery Division at Pennsylvania Hospital, Lynn believes much of her professional life successes are credited to her experiences both playing and coaching the game of basketball.

A South Philadelphia native, at the age of 10, Lynn started playing basketball as an outlet. She joined the girl’s CYO basketball team at St. Monica School, and recalls her coach, Father Francis Dreger, as one of the most influential people in her life. A lifelong basketball player, Lynn has competed with the same women for over 25 years in summer and recreation leagues or anywhere they could find a game. Impressively, Lynn made a short comeback at the age of 47.

Starting at 19 years old, Lynn has now compiled over 30 years of coaching and mentorship experience. Over the past 20 years she has worked with local community recreation centers, schools, and youth groups to help develop girl’s basketball in the South Philadelphia area. Lynn also actively volunteers at Philly Girls Got Game, an organization committed to the development and improvement of girl’s basketball.

Basketball has been an important part of Lynn’s life. Of the many intangible skills that basketball offers, Lynn highlighted her acquirement of teamwork, leadership, unselfishness, discipline, hard work, commitment, and most of all, self-confidence. Her basketball involvement has allowed her, in turn, to excel in the work environment. Lynn is motivated to provide such developmental opportunities to young people in under-privileged situations.

When Lynn heard about PYB’s mission from President and CEO, Kenny Holdsman, she knew she wanted to become involved. Through the combination of academic, counseling and basketball, Lynn believes that PYB’s dynamic programming empowers young people with many attributes necessary to be successful in life. Lynn strongly feels that PYB has the transformative power to change lives and greatly impact the city of Philadelphia.

Fun Facts about Lynn: Lynn competed in the 2002 Marine Corps Marathon. In addition to running, she also enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her family. Lynn is married to Mike West and are actively involved with their two daughters, Janae (24), a dance and yoga instructor finishing her Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition, and Sammi (17), who like her mom, enjoys playing basketball.


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