Our Programs

Overall Approach

The game of basketball has for decades been a culturally iconic force in Philadelphia. From city playgrounds, school gymnasiums, churches and recreation centers, to major college and professional venues, basketball has engaged and inspired people of all ages and walks of life.

The organizing team and founding board members of PYB have been motivated by the combined potential of basketball, academic enrichment, leadership and character development, health and wellness, family engagement, and skilled coaching and mentorship to have transformative power in the lives of kids and communities. While “player development” is being emphasized, PYB’s fundamental purpose is the development of the whole person.

All of PYB’s programs are designed to create future opportunities for young people to achieve their full potential as students, athletes, and positive leaders.

Middle School Partnership Program (MSPP)

Through a partnership with six public middle schools in North Philadelphia, the MSPP provides 120 middle school aged boys and girls with a comprehensive afterschool program featuring basketball skill development, academic enrichment, positive coaching and mentorship, and a healthy meal. This program is offered twice a week after school and every Saturday at a central location. During the educational component, it is PYB’s goal to grow our student athletes’ mathematic skills through NBA Math Hoops and to stimulate their critical thinking and leadership and advocacy skills through the analysis of social justice modules.

Collegiate Summer Camp Series (CSCS)

The CSCS is a series of seven 1-week long camps hosted on the campuses of Philadelphia’s premiere colleges and universities. These camps provide over 600 high school and middle school aged young people from throughout the Philadelphia region with a dynamic experience. Each 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. camp day includes basketball skill-development and gameplay, an hour of academic academic enrichment, positive coaching and mentorship (including current or former college athletes), a healthy breakfast and lunch with nutrition information, and more. During the summer months, it is PYB’s intention to combat the summer slide and to provide our city’s boys and girls with a fun and safe environment to grow.


HoopHers is a gender-specific program that focuses on serving female student athletes in middle and upper school. The curriculum focuses on empowering young women to be confident student athletes by providing a place to not only develop as basketball players, but as friends and leaders. Seasonal programming includes fall and winter pop-up workshops at local middle and upper schools, as well as a spring annual workshop featuring a full day of basketball skill development and off-court leadership and self-confidence sessions.

Local & International Youth Leadership Program

Local: PYB is currently planning a series of intensive engagement opportunities for select student athletes to develop the attributes, knowledge, skills, and habits to excel as leaders in their communities. This Initiative will coincide with and is integrated into our seasonal programming (i.e. CSCS and MSPP).

International: In Summer 2017, PYB partnered with Philadelphia Men’s Basketball League (PMBL) to run a youth basketball camp in rural Jamaica, where young leaders were given the opportunity to participate in the cultural exchange experience as camp participants and mentors to the Jamaica campers. PYB continues to grow this program and plans to have annual youth leadership trips to Treasure Beach, Jamaica and one other international site.

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